Sister Megan Eliason

Sister Megan Eliason

Thursday, May 14, 2015

sister e has got a long way to go but with the help of the lord, all things are possible!

OI MINHA FAMILIA TUDO BEM TUDO BEM?? haha guys QUE FISHE is this place??? too fishe to handle. thats like how cool in portuguese. im technically not speaking any portuguese, its this thing call portuglish. yeah. me and my comp speak it. why you ask? because i know nada nothing ha but com tempo it will come. just keep up them oracoes por favor (prayers)! prayers wont ever hurt this sister..especially these next few weeks. but like in D&C 6 we need to look to the lord and doubt not, fear not. just gotta keep my eyes on the lord. you can never go wrong with leaning on the lord, ha sometimes i wonder how the lord felt like i would ever be more than a "greenie" out here (valedinha i think) haha but somehow someway i am going to reach these people here in monte sessego. thats the area i´m in. monte sessego, mindelo baby. this is gonna be my home for the next little while guys..and i am MORE THAN OKAY WITH IT:) guys its gorgggg here. g-o-r-g. the view sis yeater and i have off our balcony? yeah. pretty fische. so sick. people would pay gazillions for the view we´ve got. 
so yeah speaking of sister yeater she is hilar y├íll. her humor is the bomb. haha she´s super like technical with things and definitely has like all the knowledge in the world and is genius with everything. shes a yankee. jokes ha but she is from new york like somewhere near palmyra i think. the sacred grove is just a hop skip and a jump away.hashtag lucky? i think yes:) when we met with president and his wife at their home here in cabo verde (praia) he told each of us greenies about our trainers and he just laughed and said sis yeater is awesome and she DOES WORK. she gets things done ha aka she is a work horse. i definitely scored:) she wont be goin facil (easy) on me and thats just what i need. and good heck we´ve already like become bonded for life because its been straight madnesssssss since getting to our new area. to give ya some background.. she and i were called to this area in ala dois (the second ward) because church attendance here is..pretty sketchy business. church attendance is supposed to be up around somewhere like 140 people or so and they´ve got a solid 50-60 showin up so, they could use a bit more motivation. and sis yeater and i are just the irmas (sisters) for the job! we are muito animada to get things rollin here and ignite some excitement and fire these members up!

 it wont be easy..ha and it has been nothing but easy because we get the ever so frightening duty of "whitewashing" the area. ha and we have come to know why missionaries arent real big fans of whitewashing...we knew nobody. not a soul. sis yeater knows absolutely no one either because this is her first transfer here as well. so yeah, talk about a rather FRESH start. but i know she and i were called here for a reason. monte sessego needs us. and they dont need just any sisters, they need US:) and quite frankly we need them hahaha fetch these people are the! and thats like the biggest understatement. they´re hilarious, and oh my word there isnt a soul here that wouldnt talk to us. even if they´re jewish (definitely arent but just to illustrate my point) catholic, seventh day whatevers, athiests, they are still more than willing to talk with us and invite us in. manners here definitely arent lacking haha. lovelovelove the culture here. good gravy the festas here (parties) dont get started til like the break of dawn ha like super duper late. and they´ve got their hilarious africana/cabo verdean music uh BLARING, dogs barking their faces off, drunkens laughing/yelling at the top of their lungs, yeah. they go hard here. haha its truly a milagre (miracle) i´ve been able to get to sleep at night. if i can here, ha i´ll be sleepin like a ROCK when i get home. 

wowzerz. but yeah, being here can definitely be a major confidence booster because they throw "BONITAAAA" or "" ahhh beleza (beauty) at us everywhere we go. legit everywhere. haha i just point at sister yeater everytime ha and let her turn all red (the red is mostly from the sun lol bless her heart she and kenz have got the same skin situation goin on)..we have already been proposed to (surprisingly in english) and they wanted our numbers ha which would´ve been the perfect contact so we could give them our number and have them call us up to learn more about the church buuut, we had a member to meet up with. priorities people, priorities. and dont worry, our hearts are locked:) 
church on sunday sis yeater and i totally bore our testemunhos and introduced ourselves. i think its safe to say hers was siginificantly longer than mine haha but i mean hey she has been out 10 months and is fluent so, that kinda plays a factor. but it was great. haha the looks on people´s faces was priceless. im sure they were all just smiling the biggest smiles they could because it was the only thing they could do to keep from DYING LAUGHING at me. ha, have already had my fair share of AWK-town moments out here on the mish. trust me, plentyyyyyyyy to go around. and lots of silent moments. we all know how i feel about awkward silences....gggaahhh. most painful things ever. but as my comp would say, ya just gotta allow the spirit time to talk. so there ya have it folks, take it from sister yeater. she rocks ha:) 
really quick, want to share what i read earlier today during personal study. i was reading in mosiah 23 and stumbled across this glue in i´d had from ages ago. but how FELIZ i was i still had it. it was from a talk given by elder maxwell back in 2002: "we fail to focus on and to develop patience as well as faith. these two attributes are in tandem. and by the way, if we are meek, being TRIED means being DEVELOPED. when we are impatient, in effect, we do not honor what is implied in words "in process of time.". to understand and have faith, therefore, in the character and the purposes of GOd, it means, instead of complaining that we accept the menu of life and what is alotted to us."

love yall com minha coracoa tudo! cant thank you enough for all the love and support. please keep it up haha, sister e has got a long way to go but with the help of the lord, all things are possible!


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