Sister Megan Eliason

Sister Megan Eliason

Thursday, May 14, 2015

So I'm here y'all!

Weasels! so i´m here yall haha. I made it in one piece. holler at me! and its as if i have been gone for 18 months already because i already am forgetting how to use technology aka this comp. its got all these blessed portuguese functions ha. anywho so the flight? pretty brutal. i aaalways have to go to the bathroom so it calls for a longgg awaited arrival. but have no fear, ana machado saved me. SWEETEST MOST PRESH LADY EVER she is from the island of sal i think? i forget but omg we hit it off and we were teaching each other english and portuguese and havin a ball with it! but we werent the only ones. 
omg the plane was a madhouse it was like bein at some carnival. everyones talkin to somebody and if its not the people right next to them its someone across the aisle. they have no sense of volume haha and i LOVE it. they are just so friendly and it doesnt matter who ya are or where ya come from, they´ll get to know ya (if ya can comprehend anyything they say)! bummed because i didnt get a pic with her but i got her DIGITS so bam. we exchanged numbers and the rest is history. we´re amigas POR VIDA BABY. aka FOR LIFE

 and we are here right now at pres and sis mathews home. omg she is THEE sweetest most tender lady and he is pretty cool too. likes to be right ha but you can tell he has a strong testimony and truly loves this place. dont know how anyone couldnt. i am already in love..most likely not coming home. :) jk LOVE YOU GOOBS KEEP THE FE(faith) and keep livin the dream back home while i am over here!

muito amor de sister eliason!!!!!!

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