Sister Megan Eliason

Sister Megan Eliason

Thursday, October 23, 2014

"I'm struggling to remember what day the madness all began haha"

Pics of Da Zone


 haha what a week it's been in the life of the Sister mish irma (sister) Eliason! I may as well write this baby in all caps so you can just feel of the craziness that's gone on, haha. Okay now I am just hyping it up waaay to much now but its been an interesting one to say the least ha. It has definitely solidified my testimony that heavenly father HANDS DOWN has one of the greatest senses of humor of all time, and that He is definitely in control and is over all. Haha bless me, I'm struggling to remember what day the madness all began haha.

So last Wednesday I woke up not feeling all the hot, but for me here as a missionary half the time I'm so consumed in what we've got planned for the day I don't even look in the mirror that day to see what kind of havoc my hair is going to raise for me that day or whether or not my patterns are matching, so I just proceeded on with the day and prayed that I would be able to truck through. 

It came time for gym time so of course you have to get your game face on and me and this sister in my district were doing these crazy wall sits and (obv) competing to see who could hold it the longest with the person standing on your knees. (yeah, we go hard here) so, in all humility, I beat her by a solid like ten seconds and got like 2 mins and 20 seconds or something. so uh yeah, after that things just went on fast downward slope to #STRUGGGLE. I ended up uh heaving (ralphing, vomiting I don't know how to use it politely) and was so out of it the rest of that night that my companion and I missed dinner and classes and the whole shibang... 

Little did we know we would be becoming best friends with our dorm room and bunk beds and the other sickly sisters that are in our residence throughout the rest of the week. Raise the roof, raise the roof! Bless sister haycock's heart, OMG the Lord surely prepared the best and thee most patient human being. She stuck through it with me through EVERY SINGLE BIT of it. I know she has a spot reserved for her in the celestial kingdom no doubt about it! 

But yeah, I made all kinds of friends and had all kinds of embarrassing moments that I didn't ever quite plan on and moments most people shouldn't plan on haha. All aboard the struggle bus! Party of 1 good ole sister E! Ya gotta love it. 

So the next morning I was praying it would be just a quick passing by of the flu bug or something but it lingered and lingered and wore me out to the bone. p.s. mom when ya said in your card ya sent that you were praying it would be an "extra special week for me" haha yeah, your prayers were definitely answered! one of the more "special" weeks I've had in quite some time, hahaha. Me and sister Haycock got a good laugh out of the irony, so thank you. love ya to pieces. 

So anyways that morning hahaha yes, this is a true story, I had thee incredibly humbling opportunity, to be wheeled into the health clinic from all the way across campus. yeah. Probs had all kinds of missionary paparatzzi all around me saying bless that sister's heart! Super super humbling, but have no fear, I  made friends with the cute little nurse lady oh my heavens to Betsy she was THE CUTEST little grandma you ever did see and took such good care of me! She has the most darling tender voice and was warning me that I'd wanna kick her after the shot she put into my hip, but good grief are yakiddin? wouldn't dreeeeaaammm of doin that to this sweet little soul. 

Long story short y'all I've never been so exhausted in my life and have never slept so peacefully than the way I did at the health clinic! There's beds open available morning til' about 4:30 monday-friday y'all so come get your spot!

So long story short, they couldn't quite pin point what exactly was going on but the doc thought the stress, some dehydration, the latter part of my cold, and some other fun things are what contributed to my blessed affliction last week. but don't worry after about Sunday morning I was as good as new, until this morning I woke up with a scare of pink eye! but we detected it quick and its going away faster than it came on and we aint gonna let it do any more damage to sister E! She's got work to do here and it doesn't quiiiiite involve makin' friends with the elderly and with your pillow/psychiatrists/docs/wheelchairs/and funny yet sickly sisters you find roaming in the blessed hallways of your residence!

Folks, I've learned A LOT this past week and I know for a fact I wont quite be able to spit it all out but I'll sure try! THE LORD IS OVER ALL & EVEN THOUGH HE DOESN'T STILL WALK THIS EARTH, HIS POWER IS STILL PRESENT BY WAY OF THE PRIESTHOOD. I was able to receive not only one, but two priesthood blessings from Elders within my district as well as my zone. I seriously love these guys (elders, sorry, have to be MTC approved on here somewhat) like my brothers. 

It was the cutest darnest thing! This elder Elder Noyes was SO thrilled to jump at the opportunity to help give me a blessing and anoint me. I, not for one second, felt alone throughout these sicknesses. I've had my companion and everyone you could possibly imagine praying for me, carrying me, monitoring me while I was getting a bit cray cray post-meds, giving me blessings, praying for me, and Sunday morning we had these two cute cute sisters whose names I don't even know bring us the sacrament. How loved can one sister missionary be! 

The love I have felt from everyone has been OVERWHELMING! God truly is watching over us and sends tender mercies our ways through the amazing individuals that surround us. I am literally surrounded by angels here. mom, dad, don't you worry, I am in good hands! Our teacher kind of had a little sit down/pow wow with us last night because he felt inclined to do so. Omg y'all I know 100000% this man is going to be the next prophet and he is definitely going to give district 7C a shoutout at general conf! This guy is incredible. He brings the spirit the SECOND he walks through the door. His experiences and knowledge and even his jokes are sooo insanely spiritual ha he makes class so so intriguing. I know he is called of God. 

But anywhoo last night he was talking to us about our mish experience and how we, as missionaries, are taking sips of the atonement every single day that we're out here. When Christ performed the atonement, he experienced every single pain that we would ever experience here in this life and every negative feeling we'd ever feel. He experienced it through excruciating pain, one. by. one. he pictured me, he pictured you, he pictured Sister Haycock, Elder Poulson, Elder Higginbotham, Sister Nielsen, he had every single one of us in mind through it all. 

As we are out here serving, we experience just mere SIPS of what that pain was like. We experience homesickness, doubts, lack of confidence, we struggle IMMENSELY with the language, learning how to teach and knowing what to say. When he referred to homesickness he said do you wanna know why you have to say goodbye to your family for 2 years or 18 mos? You are doing that because, when you are out in the field, you will come into contact with fams and investigators and when you have done all you can to invite them to come unto Christ, you too will then be asking them to give up all they have and all they've ever known to The may be asking them to say goodbye to their families for a lifetime...and it is then in that moment you can tell them you've walked where they have, and you can be there for them because you yourself have experienced that same pain, just as the Savior endured all the pains we will ever go through in this life. 

HALLELUIGH irmao (brother) Buttars! Words from a future prophet y'all!


Muito amor from Sister Eliason

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