Sister Megan Eliason

Sister Megan Eliason

Monday, June 1, 2015

um i live in hashtag PARADISE :)

um bless me in the baptism pic. have contracted some lepersee form of who knows what

um i live in hashtag PARADISE:):):) and we have the sheekiest house in the mish apparently (sheeky apparently is a thing here ha just means like high scaled, tricked out, super nice..all thee above) definitely already too attached to this place and our VIEW OFF OUR BALCONY. que bencao aka what a blesssssssing. dont know how we got so lucky. i take that back it was def necessary because we had a lotta set backs with zero water and just absolute chaos our first week and a half. but yeah needless to say, we flippin love monte sessego. and the other pic is of ERICK our first batismo and his mama and william our ward mission leader is on the left of him. good ole willi hes a stud.

weasels!!! doninhas i meant! i dont speak english what was i thinking?? haha look friends and fam bam i´m sorry this isn´t going to be real long at all but just know that sister megs is holdin the fort down here in monte sessego. hardly, but she´s doin it. haha me and sis yeater never wanna leave this place. totes asked president in my letter to him to today if i could just ya know spend the whole 18 months here. because why? because of TODAS AS PESSOAS! aka all the people here. hahaha they literally make my day every single day. they are the most eccentric most expressive most hilar most loving most genuine most welcoming..uh thee loudest human beings on the planet! some of them are just like absurdly obnoxious at night when we ya know are trying to be obedient and get to bed on time because ya know we are missionaries and obedience is just what we are all about..

but meanwhile they are out hootin and hollerin "BEM FICA NOS SOMOS OS CAMPIONES" hahaha like what? its this futbol team they all just live for them and live to celebrate and festa (party) todos os dias! there is never not a reason to party here. gotta love it. and mama weasel thanks for the prayers..manuel e neusa are scheduled to get baptized so please continue to pray for them! we are doing everything we can to work with our investigators and get them into the waters of BAPTISM. because why? its the example the savior set. after all he is our ultimate example. he is the way, the truth, and the light. our god would cease to be god if he wasnt infinitely merciful unto all of us his children, so we should never cease to be disciples of christ. ever. i love this place..i love my mission. theres no place in the WORLD i would rather be! deus contigo ate nos encontrarmos novamente
irma eliason!!!!

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